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Trestles & Planks – Altech SupaSafe 2 Bay Trestle System Link-On Kit


  • Designed to suit Altech SupaSafe Trestles with Fixed or Adjustable Legs in 5 sizes from 2.4m to 4.8m in height
  • Should be set up using 2 Aluminium Planks utilising 2 Altech Twin-Plank Clamps for clamping each pair together
  • Fully Adjustable & Adaptable Telescopic Handrail suit spans ranging from 3.2m to 5.4m
  • Enables a continuos work platform to be achieved by linking an unlimited number of Trestles together
  • Must be used in its entirety ensuring that all precautions are taken & that all procedures are followed
  • Versatile, totally Safe & Sturdy and manufactured from quality Aluminium components
  • Achieves a 225Kg Work Load Limit thus providing a robust Light Duty Scaffold
  • Complies with relevant Workplace Occupational Health and Safety Regulations & Standards


Please Note: We also sell Aluminium Planks & Aluminium Plank Clamps.


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23.5 Kg



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(3xA, 1xC, 1xD, 1xE & 2xF)


Requires 1 x Trestle, 2 x Planks & 1 x 2 Bay Link-On Kit