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Ladder Safety Accessories in Melbourne – HOLDSAFE FIXED BRACKETS

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Provides a secure, safe, highly visible and permanent roof access point for all tradesmen using their own ladders.


Increases safety for all work performed from ladders and will significantly reduce the incidence of falls from ladders. Prevent sladder slippage eliminating the need for a second person footing the ladder.


Allows a ladder to be anchored to a wall via permanent lashing points at the top and bottom of the ladder, providing stability for tradesmen. The product can be fixed to any surface.


Protects roofing, cappings and gutters from ladder damage and can be used on industrial, commercial or residential buildings.


Durable steel construction available in “hot dip” galvanised, zinc plated or Safety Yellow powder-coated finish.


Designed to comply with Australian Standards A-1892-5-2000 “Safe Use of Portable Ladders”