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Attic / Ceiling Ladders – Optional Extras & Spare Parts


AM-BOSS Attic/Ceiling Ladders Optional Extras
Optional Extras
Standard Handrail (One Side, Top Section of Ladder Only) – Photo 1
Full Length Handrail (One Side, Top & Middle Sections of Ladder) – Photo 2
Four (4) Section Ladder (For Confined Areas) – Photo 3
In-Ceiling Handrail / Grabrail
Fitted Lock, Key & Pole
Special Hatch Size
Modify Ladder Length or Width
100mm Ladder Treads (Standard Treads are 75mm)


AM-BOSS Standard Handrail

Standard Handrail

AM-BOSS Full Length Handrail

Full Length Handrail

AM-BOSS 4 Section Ladder

4 Section Ladder







AM-BOSS Attic/Ceiling Ladders Spare Parts
Spare Parts
Eye Bolt Assembly
Pull down Hook Only
Pull down Pole with Hook
Pull down Pole with Hook with Extension
Key Only (“T” Shape)
Pull down Rod (Metal) with Key
Set of Loops (2 Pieces) including Rivets
Linkage Arm System Complete (Pair) – Domestic
Linkage Arm System Complete (Pair) – Commercial
Ladder Hinges (Pair)
Counter Balance Springs (Each)
Metal Architrave (Small & Large)
White Melamine Frame with Draft Seal
Ceiling Panel (Small & Large)
Rubber Feet (Pair)



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