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Aluminium Scaffolds – Bailey Supa-Lite Spares & Accessories

  • Toe board pack (FS13676) – interlocking design, high grade plywood, no fasteners required
  • Outrigger pack (FS13677) – 2 pack, fully adjustable for use on irregular surfaces, swivel foot design
  • Scaffold Ladder (FS13678) – aluminium construction, 80mm deep treads for greater comfort, scaffold hooks and ‘stand off’ arm included
  • Adjustable leg/ castors (FS13679) – 2 pack, quick change over, adjusts up to 267mm, 150mm diameter
  • Spigot Pack (FS13680) – 4 pack, joins base pack to extension pack, locks via ‘spring clips’
  • Horizontal brace (FS13681) – 2 pack, yellow collar for easy identification
  • Diagonal brace (FS13682) – 2 pack, blue collar for easy identification
  • Platform (FS13683) – 1.66 x 0.6m, reinforced sub-frame for greater load bearing strength, non-slip surface, safety lock prevents accidental wind uplift, exterior grade plywood

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