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Werner T6300AZ Series

Fibreglass Double Sided Step Ladders

150Kg Load Rating

Werner T6300AZ Series 150Kg Fibreglass Double Sided Step LadderWerner T6300AZ Slip-resistant foot pads attached to the EDGE® structure

Werner T6300AZ Series: Sizes & Codes
Feet Metres Weight Prod # LJL Code
3' 0.9m 7.3 Kg T6303AZ DSHVF03
4' 1.2m 8.6 Kg T6304AZ DSHVF04
6' 1.8m 12.3 Kg T6306AZ DSHVF06
8' 2.4m 16.8 Kg T6308AZ DSHVF08
10' 3.0m 24.7 Kg T6310AZ DSHVF10
12' 3.6m 31.1 Kg T6312AZ DSHVF12



For Pricing and Availability please call and quote the LJL Code.