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Bailey RFDS

Fibreglass Double Sided Step Ladder

Bailey Professional Industrial 150Kg Load Rating

Bailey RFDS 6 (FS10485) 150Kg Fibreglass Double Sided Step Ladder Bailey RFDS Heavy Duty Steel Cross Braced Internal Spreader Arms Bailey RFDS Punchlock® Tread & "Tri-Bracing" Bailey RFDS Anti-Slip Rubber Boots

Bailey RFDS: Sizes & Codes
Feet Metres Weight Name Prod # LJL Code
3' 0.9m 5.5 Kg RFDS 3 FS10483 DSHBF03
4' 1.2m 7.0 Kg RFDS 4 FS10484 DSHBF04
6' 1.8m 10.6 Kg RFDS 6 FS10485 DSHBF06
7' 2.1m 12.5 Kg RFDS 7 FS10486 DSHBF07
8' 2.4m 14.5 Kg RFDS 8 FS10487 DSHBF08
10' 3.0m 20.3 Kg RFDS 10 FS10488 DSHBF10
12' 3.6m 25.5 Kg RFDS 12 FS10489 DSHBF12



For Pricing and Availability please call and quote the LJL Code.